Telecom Argentina reemplaza Cablevisión y Fibertel por Personal y Flow

The telecommunications company Telecom Argentina transformed its identity and announced the end of the brands Cablevisión, a pay TV service, and Fibertel, a fixed Internet service, which will become part of Flow and Personal, respectively. In addition, the company stated that the Fibercorp trademark, used for business services, will also be removed.

From now on, Telecom will be the name of the institution that works with other corporations, and which encompasses the two brands, which originally corresponded to the advanced TV platform and the telco’s mobile phone company. While Personal will have the role of operator of residential fixed and mobile Internet and telephony services, Flow will be responsible for everything related to the Television and audiovisual entertainment service.

Roberto Nobile, CEO of Telecom, explained: “What we are doing is simplifying communication and also giving more life and strength to individual brands“. In addition, he revealed that the company plans to turn Flow into a 100% VMVPD, which can be hired by non-clients of the Internet service. “In the world to come, Flow will be able to sell itself, separately from the network, without our broadband, through a service that will be called Flow Flex“, he announced.