VTR from Chile added the first local TV news channel in high-definition 24 horas HD to its grid

Chile has its first news channel in high-definition. Telecommunications company VTR (Liberty Global) incorporated into its Pay-TV grid the 24 horas HD signal, owned by public Free-to-Air broadcaster Television Nacional (TVN).


With this new addition, which will be available on channel 714 of the grid, VTR reaches a total of 63 high-definition signals and comes nearer the offer of Spanish owned telco Movistar (Telefonica), which has 70 HD channels in Chile.


Just a few days ago, VTR had added high-definition channels Nick Jr. HD, Animal Planet HD, Film & Arts HD, Fox Life HD, MTV HD, TBS HD, El Gourmet HD, Canal Formula 1 HD, TVE Star HD, Antena 3 HD, ESPN 2 HD and Fox Sports 3 HD.


In November 2015, the CEO of VTR, Guillermo Ponce, announced to the local website Econimía y Negocios that the company would invest 20% of its revenues on HD TV programming and its broadband service in 2016.