Uruguayan Justice determined valid Claro’s Pay TV license

Uruguayan justice has indicated that pay TV license for the telecommunications company Claro (America Movil) is currently valid, and therefore the operator might start offering pay TV services in the country.
Claro was given a DTH license in 2008, but before it could start offering service the Uruguayan Government voided the license in 2013 as they didn’t recognize the requesting firm Filmay SA. Early 2015 Claro announced that they understood the voidance to be suspended and began a test plan in two small neighborhoods. The test was stopped by the URSEC and the confiscated STBS and antennas involved.
In 2016 the operator started legal procedures to demand the return of the equipment and requested the validation of the license previously granted. The request was rejected by Judge Gabriel Ohanina, arguing that the voidance of 2013 had already been lifted by the government.
“To this date the actor has its license status as valid for the operation of pay TV satellite service direct to home”, says the ruling according to the Uruguayan newspaper El Observador. In the meantime Claro Marketing Manager Sebastian Aguiar said that the ruling “is very positive, as it’s another confirmation that the license is valid”.