Uruguay overtopped 715,000 Pay-TV subscribers in 2015 but growth continues to slow down

The Communication Services Regulatory Unit (Ursec) of Uruguay submitted its report with statistical data on the telecommunications markets in which it is shown that Pay-TV in that country has seen in the last half of 2015 a slowdown in growth still higher than in the first one.

Uruguay recorded a total of 715,734 Pay-TV subscribers in December 2015, representing an increase of 1.01% compared to the 708,548 reported in June 2015, during which there had been a semi-annual increase of 1.27%.

DirecTV (AT&T) continues as leading operator with a market share of 23%, followed by Cablevision (Clarin Group) with 17%. In third place is CBT with 8%, followed by Nuevo Siglo with 7%, Montecable with 6%, Consorcio San Fernando with 4%, Multisenal with 3% and Cable Plus 2%, while the remaining small operators occupy a 29%.

Montevideo, the capital of that country, is where the 40% of subscribers live and the rest of the territory has the remaining 60%. Cable TV is the dominant system with 61% of subscribers, DTH or Satellite television occupies 24%, UHF systems have 12% and MMDS (microwave) have 3% market share.