Twitter looking to stream live sports in Latin America

Twitter is in talks with several Latin American content providers in order to stream live sports from the region, said to the Argentine newspaper La Nacion, Pitter Rodriguez, Director of Development of Sports Content Alliances for Twitter Latin America.

According to the executive, the focus is on agreements in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. Rodríguez said that in Argentina the company is negotiating not only with the sports leagues but also with TV networks. “The idea is to move fast, we are putting many resources and I think that soon we will have news”.

The soccer was a decisive factor to star offering live streaming sports. “During the 2014 World Cup we had a volume of 600 million tweets linked to the event, we saw the level of conversation that soccer generates. If the experience of an open conversation, live and in real time was already present on Twitter, why not give users the ability to see that content on the platform?”, said Rodríguez.

Currently, Twitter is streaming the NFL Thursday Night Football. Before this experience with the NFL, the social network tested the platform during Wimbledon 2016.