Twitter launches Periscope Producer to share live video

Twitter announced the launch of Periscope Producer, a new way for brands, media organizations and other live video creators to share high-quality, produced live video on Periscope and Twitter.


With Periscope Producer, Twitter partners can broadcast higher-quality content through external cameras and streaming software. Twitter said that multiple partners have already tested this new tool during the last weeks, including ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, CBS 12, Fusion, Louis Vuitton, The News & Documentary Emmy Awards, The Ringer, Walt Disney Studios, XBox UK and Brazilian newspaper Estadão.


“Our experience with Periscope Producer has been successful. It is a simple and efficient tool to achieve an audience eager for news in real time”, said Luis Fernando Bovo, Executive Editor of Digital Contents of Estadão.


Periscope Producer is further proof of the commitment of the company with online video business. It is available to select Twitter brand partners, media organizations and live video creators. Partners interested in setting this up can learn more by speaking with their Twitter representative and applying at