TVN of Chile launched contest to add HD signals for nationwide DTT


National Television (TVN) of Chile is leading on behalf of some Free-to-Air TV channels the start of the open contest to distribute new signals in high-definition for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). Selected channels will be able to hire remaining satellite capacity to offer services nationwide.


The contest, which started on February 7th, complies with the provisions of the regulatory authorities, seeking to grant equal access to other actors of open television that have the need to bring their contents to the whole country, explained the Technical Manager of TVN, Mario Sepulveda, on a statement.


“The open contest of the RIDA project consists in offering to potential stakeholders the existing capacity for the distribution of TDT signals via satellite in order to meet the future broadcast stations in HD format that the digital TV law allows and that channels must implement before the analog switch-off of 2020”, said the executive.