Turner moves forward with Argentine soccer TV rights ambitions


Turner remains firm in its intention to acquire the TV rights to broadcast the national soccer tournament in Argentina. Last week, the company’s executives met with President Mauricio Macri and obtained official authorization to submit a bid, according to La Nación newspaper.


The meeting was held last Thursday August 4 at the Casa Rosada (Pink House). Macri met with Whit Richardson, Executive Vice President of Distribution and Marketing, and Victor Roldan, VP of Legal Affairs at Turner.


According to figures reported by the local media, Turner would be willing to pay AR$ 7.5 billion (USD 505 million) in three years.


Página 12 newspaper reported that Turner would continue broadcasting the matches free of charge until 2019, but then would introduce the pay per view (PPV) modality. In turn, the U.S company asked to find a legal framework that allows it to keep marketing freely the TV rights from 2019 in case of government changes, because Turner believes that this is “a long-term business.”


Currently, the Government of Argentina owns the broadcast rights. The contract was in force until 2019. However, last July the Government agreed to end the contract with the Argentine Football Association (AFA), but it asked to continue broadcasting the matches free of charge until 2019.