Totalplay launches video game streaming platform in Mexico

Mexican triple-play operator Totalplay (Grupo Salinas) has launched Gamefly, a new video game streaming service with over 30 video games for a monthly fee of MX$ 159 (USD 8.9).


Pay TV users have access to the service through the main menu. Gamefly supports most major controls, such as Xbox 360 with USB port and Logitech F310, with additional gamepads available through Totalplay, the company reported in a press release.


The CEO of Totalplay, Eduardo Kuri, told El Financiero Newspaper the company has invested USD 300,000 into the initiative. The available GameFly catalog includes action, adventure, sports and children’s games, among others.


Over the last years, Totalplay has deployed an extensive FTTH network that covers more than six million homes across 20 cities. “The vast majority of the investment has already been made since the optical fiber is already deployed and we already have the set-top-boxes; as Gamefly is a cloud-base application, all that is required is to adapt it”, Kuri said.