Totalplay enters the online gaming market


Mexican pay TV operator Totalplay (Grupo Salinas) will enter the online gaming market. The CEO of the company, Eduardo Kuri, told Milenio newspaper that a “very innovative” video game system will be launched in one month, and it will be available for all pay TV subscribers.


“We will offer high quality games at the same level of those available for consoles; we have the suppliers and partners to build this strategy”, Kuri commented. This way, Totalplay will become the first pay TV operator to enter this market.


According to Milenio, Mexico recorded 57.4 million gamers at the end of 2015, most of them play through smartphones.


Totalplay operates a FTTH network covering six million households across 20 cities in Mexico. The company is a pioneer in offering new services and technologies. Currently, it is the only pay TV operator of the market with a 4K pack.