Three Free-to-Air TV channels broadcasted Argentina’s soccer derby simultaneously for the first time


The Argentine soccer derby colonized the local screens. Free-to-Air TV signals Telefe (Telefonica), El Trece (Grupo Clarin) and America (UNO Media) of that country transmitted simultaneously for the first time the match between River Plate and Boca Juniors, on Sunday, March 6th.


According to the audience ratings company Kantar Ibope, the sum of the three transmissions scored 36.1 points. Channel 13 led the preferences by measuring 18.2 points and was the most watched of the day. Through Telefe, the game marked 12.7 points and ranked as the second most watched. On America, the rating averaged 5.2 points.


From January 2016, the Government of Argentina marketed again the rights to broadcast the matches of the First Division of professional soccer, after years of state monopoly on the control of the Futbol para todos program.


The importance of these matches for the performance of the signals is made evident in the fact that the three main Free-to-Air channels in the country decided to show, with various news teams and some special cameras, identical contents simultaneously.