Televisa’s pay TV operations exceed 12 million video RGUs

Televisa presented its financial results for the third quarter of 2016 in which it reported that its pay TV operations (both cable and DTH) reached 12.2 million video RGUs.


According to its quarterly report, DTH operator Sky closed September with 7.93 million active subscribers, of which 205,541 are in Central America and the Dominican Republic, while cable operations (including Cablevisión, Cablemás, TVI, Cablecom y Telecable) registered a total of 4.24 million video RGUs. In addition, cable operations reached 3.3 million data RGUs, and 2.1 million voice RGUs.


In turn, consolidated net sales increased by 6.6% to MX$ 23,722.3 million (USD 1.263 million) in the third-quarter 2016. This increase was attributable to strong growth in our Sky and cable segments, the company said in its quarterly report. Operating segment income increased by 4.1%, reaching MX$ 9,979.1 million (USD 531 million) with a margin of 40.6%.