Telefónica Peru partners with Huawei for Docsis 3.1 upgrade, gets ready for 4K TV

Chinese company Huawei announced that it is working with Telefonica Peru to build a Docsis 3.1 compliant converged ultra-broadband (UBB) network, which will offer 1 Gb/s speed and will allow Telefónica to introduce new services such as 4K video.


In a press release, Huawei said that in the last two years, Telefonica de Peru has constructed “the largest coaxial network in the country covering major cities including the capital, Lima. The network provides more than 1.7 million homes with broadband and HD video services”.


Now, the Spanish company plans to construct a coaxial and FTTH converged network that offers 1 Gb/s speed and allows the company to introduce new services such as cloud services, smart home, and 4K video. This converged network upgrades the existing Docsis 3.0-compliant coaxial network, to evolve towards Docsis 3.1.


Telefonica has a strong presence in Peru, where it is the leading operator in fixed and mobile telephony, broadband and TV services. In the Peruvian market, Telefonica offers pay TV services via cable and DTH.