Telefonica had record of new Pay-TV accesses in Latin America in 2015 and reached 4.6 million


Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica filed its annual report for 2015 in which it noted a record of 538,000 new Pay-TV accesses in Latin America, reaching 4.6 million households in its Spanish-speaking America and Brazil divisions.


In Spanish-speaking America, it reached 2.8 million Pay-TV accesses, a year-to-year growth of 16%, with net additions of 380,000 during the year. The division had an annual net income of USD 15.7 billion, representing an organic growth of 10.4% (in euros) compared to 2014. In the fourth quarter of 2015, it reported net revenues for USD 3.9 billion, 8.1% more compared to the same period of the previous year.


In Chile, Pay-TV accesses reached 645,000 (+7%), with a net gain of 43,000 between January and December. In Peru, subscription television reached 1.2 million accesses (+27%) with 253,000 new customers. In Colombia, Pay-TV accesses stood at 489,000 (+17%) after posting a net annual increase of 73,000. In Venezuela and Central America, Pay-TV reached 478,000 accesses (+2%) after gaining 11,000 new customers.


In Brazil, since the consolidation of the purchase of GVT in May 2015, Telefonica’s Pay-TV accesses rose 10% year-to-year to reach 1.8 million with a strong growth of IPTV (16% of new subscribers and 10% of total accesses). The division had net revenues for USD 12.1 billion in 2015 and for USD 2,828 million (+3.4% organic in euros) in the fourth quarter.