Telecentro from Argentina may also offer quadruple play


The National Communications Entity (Enacom) of Argentina will give telecommunications company Telecentro the license to offer virtual mobile telephony, so it would become the second local company being able to offer quadruple play.


In April, the Enacom awarded the company Cablevision (Clarin Group) the authorization to add fixed and public telephony services to its portfolio of Pay-TV, broadband and mobile telephony (after the acquisition of Nextel in late 2015).


The Enacom published in early May a new regulatory framework for virtual mobile operators (MVNO) to replace the one approved by the previous administration. The new norm expanded the categories allowed to access the shared network, previously only permitted to some licensees.


Telecentro is the third largest Pay-TV operator in Argentina with a market share of 7%, according to Dataxis, although it is very distant from its competitors and lacks national coverage. Telecentro offers a bundled triple play service (TV, broadband and fixed telephony) distributed through a network of optic fiber trunk lines.