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New online concert video platform Go Music is launched in Latin America

  The new online video platform Go Music (Go Live), dedicated to the transmission of live concerts in Video On Demand (VOD) mode, announced through a statement that it was released to the market through an alliance with companies Sony Music, Samsung, Movistar, Personal, Telcel and TVX.   Go Music will feature monthly subscription, weekly [...]

Spanish Pay-TV channel Non Stop People will join OTTs in Mexico

  Spanish Pay-TV channel Non Stop People (Banijay Entertainment), present in the grid of local OTT Movistar+ (Telefonica), announced that it will join the channel offer of Video On Demand (VOD) platforms in Mexico and the United States, reported newspaper El País.   The daily did not state which OTT platforms would have reached commercial [...]

HBO offers its high definition channel to Pay-TV customers with basic HD packages in Chile

  American broadcaster HBO (Time Warner) announced through a press release that it made available also the HD version of its flagship channel for Pay-TV customers with basic HD packages in Chile.   HBO already offers its main channel in standard quality (SD) for basic services in operators Claro, Movistar, Entel and VTR. The rest [...]

Movistar in Panama gave away 45 Samsung Gear for virtual reality and prepares VOD service

  According to what NexTV News Latam could find out, telecommunications company Movistar (Telefonica) in Panama offered until April 30th a promotion through which it gave away for no extra charge 45 virtual reality Samsung Gear VR viewfinders to the first customers who bought three smartphone models of that Japanese brand.   On the other [...]

Telefonica reached 4.7 million Pay-TV accesses in Latin America with USD 285 million in revenues

  Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica submitted its financial statement for the first quarter of 2016 in which it reported that it reached 4.7 million Pay-TV accesses in Latin America (under the Movistar brand in Latin America and Vivo in Brazil) with video revenues of USD 285 million.   Its Brazilian division, including the incorporation of [...]

Pay-TV in Colombia grew 4.7% and reached 5.13 million subs in 2015 according to Dataxis

  The Colombian Pay-TV market grew by 4.7% during the fourth quarter (4Q) of 2015, when compared to the same period of 2014. Household penetration increased from 36.8% in 2014 to 37.8% in 2015, in line with the regions total penetration, and reached 5.13 million Pay-TV subscribers.   By the end of 4Q 2015, Colombia’s [...]

Movistar to launch Gol Peru channel in its Pay-TV grid for the exclusive broadcast of the local soccer tournament

  Pay-TV operator Movistar TV (Telefonica) of Peru will launch on April 1st the new Gol Peru channel, where all the matches of the local professional soccer Decentralised Tournament will be broadcasted.   At present, the games can be watched on Pay-TV channels CMD (Media Networks, Telefonica) and Gol TV (Tenfield). Some matches are also [...]

Telefonica had record of new Pay-TV accesses in Latin America in 2015 and reached 4.6 million

  Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica filed its annual report for 2015 in which it noted a record of 538,000 new Pay-TV accesses in Latin America, reaching 4.6 million households in its Spanish-speaking America and Brazil divisions.   In Spanish-speaking America, it reached 2.8 million Pay-TV accesses, a year-to-year growth of 16%, with net additions of [...]