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Food Network closes deal with Cablevisión and announces original production in Argentina

Scripps Networks Interactive announced the launch of Food Network on Cablevisións digital lineup in Argentina. It will be available from October 1, reaching more than 1.5 million households.  As a result of this expansion, the company also announced its first original production in the country.   The new Spanish production is called “Locos X el [...]

Argentina’s Cablevisión net sales up 53.5% in Q216

Clarin Group from Argentina presented its financial statement for the second quarter of 2016 in which it reported net sales of its telecommunications company Cablevision for AR$ 7.2 billion (USD 486 millions), representing a 53.5% growth (in local currency) compared to the same period of 2015.   Cablevisión net sales accounted for close to 74% [...]

El Trece channel from Argentina extended its video coverage of the Martin Fierro awards on Twitter

  For the first time, Free-to-Air channel El Trece (Clarin Group) from Argentina extended its video coverage of the Martin Fierro awards on Sunday, April 15th, through new tools offered to certified accounts of social network Twitter.   Through Twitter Challenger, they shared photos, GIFs and videos of the red carpet, the backstage and dressing [...]

Telecom Argentina is seeking to offer IPTV, broadband and telephony triple play via FTTH

  The telephony and broadband company Telecom Argentina will boost investments to offer IPTV, broadband and telephony services through a fiber to the home (FTTH) network, announced the CEO of the Mexican investment firm Fintech Advisory Limited, David Martinez, which recently acquired the company from Telecom Italy.   “What we want in telecommunications in the [...]

Three Free-to-Air TV channels broadcasted Argentina’s soccer derby simultaneously for the first time

  The Argentine soccer derby colonized the local screens. Free-to-Air TV signals Telefe (Telefonica), El Trece (Grupo Clarin) and America (UNO Media) of that country transmitted simultaneously for the first time the match between River Plate and Boca Juniors, on Sunday, March 6th.   According to the audience ratings company Kantar Ibope, the sum of [...]

Sale of Telecom Argentina to minority shareholder of Pay-TV operator Cablevision was approved

  The Government of Argentina approved the sale of the shares held by Telecom Italia on the telephony and broadband company Telecom Argentina to Mexican investment fund Fintech, owner or 40% of the stocks of Cablevision (Grupo Clarin), the main Pay-TV operator in that country.   Fintech would buy in the coming days from Telecom [...]

HBO to launch in Argentina and Brazil its OTT HBO Go with Pay-TV partners

  US premium programmer HBO announced in a press release that it plans to introduce its OTT service HBO Go together with Pay-TV partners in Argentina and Brazil in 2016. The price will be similar to what it costs to include HBOs and Maxs channels to a subscription package.   According to what reported the [...]

Grupo Clarín de Argentina suspendería su adecuación a la Ley de mediosGrupo Clarin from Argentina would suspend its adjustment to the Media Law

La empresa de telecomunicaciones Grupo Clarín de Argentina suspendería su plan de adecuación a la Ley de Servicios de Comunicación Audiovisual, que preveía la división de sus operaciones en seis empresas independientes y la venta de algunos medios, informó el diario local El Cronista. Además, denunció un trato discriminatorio y demandó igualdad de condiciones que [...]

Grupo Clarín de Argentina más cerca de la incursión en la telefonía gracias a fallo judicialGrupo Clarin from Argentina closer to entering the mobile phone market due to court ruling

El Grupo Clarín de Argentina, dueño del principal operador de TV paga del país, Cablevisión, está más cerca de la compra del 49% de la operación local de la empresa de telefonía móvil Nextel (NII Holding) gracias a un fallo judicial a su favor, informó el diario local El Cronista Comercial. El Juzgado Contencioso Administrativo [...]

Grupo Clarín de Argentina presentó un crecimiento del 42,2% anual por TV paga e InternetGrupo Clarin from Argentina presented a 42.2% annual growth for Pay-TV and Internet

La compañía de multimedios Grupo Clarín de Argentina presentó su tercer reporte trimestral de 2015 el 11 de noviembre en el que reportó un crecimiento de 42,2% (siempre en moneda local) en sus servicios de TV paga e Internet, en comparación con el mismo período del año anterior. Cabe notar que el aumento estuvo sostenido [...]