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Digicel lanzó triple play en Bermuda

La empresa de telecomunicaciones Digicel lanzó triple play a través de su red FTTH en Bermuda. La oferta incluye velocidades de hasta 200 mbps, tres planes de TV de fibra y opciones de telefonía. Los planes de TV traen entre 55 y 129 señales. El paquete con 104 canales y una conexión de 25 megas [...]

Digicel comienza su camino hacia el 4K en el Caribe junto con Huawei

El operador de telecomunicaciones del Caribe Digicel dio su primer paso pensando en las transmisiones en 4K. Llevó adelante una transmisión local en esa calidad en su sede central en Kingston, Jamaica, utilizando la tecnología de la compañía Huawei. A la demostración fueron invitados los principales medios de la región. “Gracias a la potencia de [...]

Digicel Play reaches 100 thousand subscribers in three markets in the Caribbean after a year of launching

Digicel Play, a Triple Play Service offer through FTTH, has reach 100 thousand subscribers in Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago, only a year after the service was first launched in Jamaica. This is a very important milestone for us and we are thankful to our customers and business partners for helping us achieve it, [...]

Curacao approves Digicels acquisition of Tres Networks

Digicel Group announced that it has received the required approvals from the Government and regulatory authorities for the purchase of Tres Networks in Curacao.   As always, our emphasis is on ensuring that our customers benefit from the best services and the latest innovation, so we are looking forward to forging ahead with plans to [...]

Digicel launches OTT app in the Caribbean

Digicel has announced the launch of Play Go, its live streaming service with seven HD channels, including sports and TV shows. It is available across Digicels markets in the Caribbean.   The app offers live streaming of channels SportsMax, SportsMax 2, NBA TV, Fight Sports, Catch, Catch 2 and P. Diddys Revolt TV. It can [...]

Digicel strikes deal with Flow Sports

  From 1 August, Digicel Play will add the channel Flow Sports (Cable & Wireless) to its line-up of content throughout all of its TV markets in the Caribbean.   The sport channel has the TV rights to the Premier League matches, and it also offers contents from the FA Cup and the Bundesliga, among [...]

Digicel selects Agama for video service assurance

  Agama Technologies has announced that Jamaica-based Digicel Group has selected Agama to provide its end-to-end DTV monitoring solution.   This solution covers the complete end-to-end hybrid IP/cable TV and OTT service distribution for linear and VoD services. It will enable Digicel to efficiently manage and operate its video services as these are rolled out [...]

Digicel reached agreements for the transmission of NBCUniversal and CBS content in the Caribbean

  Caribbean telecommunications company Digicel announced it had reached trade agreements with the US programmers NBCUniversal and CBS Studios International to incorporate content to the IPTV service offered by Digicel Play in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados.   CBS contents include shows such as Dr. Phil, The Late Show with Steven Colbert, 60 Minutes, [...]

Digicel doubled its IPTV users in Jamaica in two months by reaching 20,000

  Caribbean telecommunications company Digicel said it doubled its number of Pay-TV subscribers in Jamaica by reaching 20,000 just two months after passing the 10,000. The company provides the Digicel Play package, which includes IPTV services, broadband and telephony over its fiber FTTH network.   Digicel Play has seen record-breaking growth since we launched in [...]

Digicel bought the operator TRES Networks of Curaçao

  Telecommunications company Digicel Group announced through a press release on March 23rd it had reached an agreement to buy the operator TRES Networks of Curaçao. The company provides through its fiber optic FTTH network Pay-TV services, broadband and fixed telephony.   Digicel is expanding in the region following the acquisition of operators Uniqa in [...]