Syfy channel innovates in virtual reality with multiplatform series

Pay-TV channel Syfy (NBCUniversal) will launch its new multiplatform series Halcyon, which will have 10 chapters for linear TV and TV Everywhere services and another extra five which will be available for the virtual reality head-mounted display Oculus Rift. No release date was announced yet.


Halcyon will be a police science fiction series set in the year 2058 that will follow the investigations of Virtual Reality Crime Unit. The development of events in virtual reality will be produced by Secret Location studio, based in Toronto, Canada.


“Syfy is the perfect home for launching this innovative, hybrid linear and virtual reality series. Syfy international channels are break new ground with the launch of the brand’s first scripted virtual reality series”, expresssed Global Programming Executive VP from NBCUniversal International Networks, Steve Patscheck.


Syfy joins what is expected to be a new trend in contents from 2016. In early February, the OTT Netflix announced it would develop a virtual reality viewfinder independent of mobile devices, consoles and PCs. Technology companies Apple and Google are also investing in this technology since the end of 2015.