Qubit to incorporate VOD content from the BBC for Latin America


OTT of Argentine origin Qubit.tv announced through a press release that it reached a trade agreement with the international arm of the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC Worldwide, to incorporate its Video On Demand (VOD) content.


“The content agreement with the BBC has been a very significant step for Qubit.tv in the region. To include the prestigious BBC in our offer adds a highly recognized value by VOD users”, said the OTT’s Content Acquisition Manager, Lilian Beriro.


“This agreement is of great importance for BBC Worldwide as it demonstrates our firm commitment to reach a greater number of consumers with are fans of our programming in Latin America, with options that are a good complement to what is already offered in traditional platforms”, said EVP and Managing Director of the distributor for Latin America and the United States Hispanic, Anna Gordon.


Qubit is a company founded in 2011 and that offers VOD services to consumers and businesses in Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador and Guatemala. According to testimonies of the company, they plan to expand to Peru, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica and the Caribbean, and in a second stage, reach Brazil and Mexico.