Qubit continues its regional expansion and launches its OTT in Guatemala


OTT platform of Argentine origin Qubit.tv officially launched its service in Guatemala (gt.qubit.tv) on June 8th. During the presentation in the movie theaters of Cinepolis in the capital of that country, the CEO of the company, Facundo De la Iglesia, said: “We continue with the objective of regionalizing Video On Demand (VOD) content offer”.


The service in Guatemala will operate from the offices opened in 2014 in Bogota, capital of Colombia, a country where they launched the local version of the platform at the end of 2015 and where users are expected to reach 200,000 by mid-2016.


Quibit.tv in Guatemala will have a subscription price of USD 4.99 per month (the first is for free) for access to more than 3,000 titles. It also has a rental service for 48 hours of premium movies with values of between USD 1 and USD 4.


Qubit is a company founded in 2011 and offers VOD services to consumers and businesses in Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador and Guatemala. According to testimonies of the company, they plan to expand to Peru, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica and the Caribbean, and in a second stage, to reach Brazil and Mexico.