Pay-TV operators of Colombia unite to demand the regulation of OTTs


Pay-TV operators in Colombia joined together to demand the government of that country to regulate the OTT and subscription television services activities that work over the internet through a new Television Law.


During the Andean Link 2016 fair, held in the local town of Cartagena de Indias, the major market players demanded in a panel to the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (Mintic) and to the entities that regulate the sector to intervene to prevent “unfair competition”.


“We don’t have studies that say that Pay-TV is going to end, but we have seen a slowdown in the market and in Colombia our growth has reached its culminating point”, said the Legal and Institutional Relations Vice President of DirecTV (AT&T) in Colombia, Natalia Maria Iregui. “It is a reality that presents enormous challenges for companies that offer these services and that are calling for greater regulation on companies like Netflix, which distribute their content via the web.”


Alberto Solano, the President of the Public Services and Communication Companies National Association (Andesco, representing Claro, Telefonica, UNE, ETB, and other regional telcos), called to “deregulate current operators or regulate OTTs, since regulated operators pay a financial burden that OTTs do not pay”.


“Pay-TV has grown in recent years by 28% while digital services have reported an increase of 67%”, said the representative of the National Planning Department (DNP), Ivan Dario Mantilla. “We will deliver the Mintic some public policy recommendations because it is essential to restructure the audiovisual sector facing the convergence phenomenon.”