Pay-TV in Costa Rica registered decelerated growths in revenue and subscribers in 2015


According to data published by the Telecommunications Superintendency (Sutel) of Costa Rica, the Pay-TV market in the country had a 64,684 subscriber growth during 2015 and reached a total of 797,000. This represents an increase of 9%, a rate slowed compared to 14% in 2014.


Pay-TV obtained total revenues in 2015 for USD 246 million, which means a growth of 8% (in local currency) compared to those recorded in 2014. In this sense, a slowdown is also visible contrasted with a strong 20% ​​rise that was recorded in the previous period.


Cable TV, despite dropping percentage in the last period, continues as technology leader with a 67% market share, followed by DTH with 32%. Other technologies such as microwaves and IPTV represent 1% of the total. The household penetration of Pay-TV was of 56%, four points more than in 2014.


Sutel also presented the Telecommunication Indicators System (Sitel), a product of institutional effort as well as of network operators and telecommunications service providers. This general category had revenues of USD 1.4 billion, i.e. 3.1% of the national GDP, with an investment growth of 4%.