OTTs overpass the 10 million paid accounts mark in Latin America according to Dataxis


The Over-the-Top (OTT) Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) market in Latin America reached 10.2 million paid accounts in 2015, which means a 60% annual growth rate, according to a new study published by Dataxis. The market investigation company estimates the OTT/SVOD category generated USD 640 million in revenues during the past year.


The number of paid OTT accounts was equal to 15% of the total legal Pay-TV market, but the “account sharing” effect that brought the service to a broader base of users must also be considered. There were 94 SVOD platforms in Latin America by the fourth quarter of 2015.


Netflix was the main OTT provider in Latin America with a 60% market share, followed by Claro Video (America Movil) with 25%. Both actors exhibited a regional scale and a generalist approach. The main actor was Netflix in México, followed by Netflix in Brazil and Claro Video from Mexico. Each of these three exceeded the 2 million subscriber mark by themselves.


The Top 15 rank was crowded with other local Netflix platforms. There were also some actors pushed by service providers such as Sky Online of Sky Brazil (AT&T) and Telecom and Telefonica’s OTTs in Argentina.


Mexico and Brazil were the main markets in the region with 47% and 30% of the total paid accounts, respectively. Argentina, Colombia and Chile appear in a second stage. These five markets concentrate 94% of total paid accounts in Latin America.