Nine companies interested in Canal Uno’s auction in Colombia


The Director of the National Television Authority (ANTV) of Colombia, Ángela María Mora, revealed that there are nine companies interested in Canal Uno’s auction. However, Mora Soto confirmed that there are no companies interested in auctioning for the third private channel.


According to Mora, the auction process for Canal Uno will begin in August and will be awarded in November. The nine companies interested are NTC, Cm&, Colombiana de TV, Jorge Barón, Alternativa SA, RTI, Televideo, Sporsat y Programar SA.


The new programming of Canal Uno will begin airing on May 1, 2017, once the current authorization ended on April 30, informed RCN Radio.


In turn, ANTV cannot start the auction process for the third private channel if there are no companies interested. It is expected that companies express an interest in auctioning next December.  The license will be awarded in May.