NexTV Series South America 2016 to present tomorrow “Pay-TV Programmers and Operators: How to Attract the future consumer”

NexTV Series South America 2016 will gather on June 15th and 16th at the Plaza Hotel Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pay-TV, film, Free-to-Air TV and OTT executives as well as representatives of YouTube channels, to open the debate on new business models and the relationships between technology and service providers, value aggregators and content distributors.

The Executive Panel II will gather tomorrow the presence of market executive leaders such as Gonzalo Hita, Cablevision of Argentina Commercial Manager; Javier Ruete, TCC of Uruguay CEO; Jeronimo Macanas, Accedo Latin America and South Europe VP; Alain Motard, Sales Director for Netgem Latin America; Nicolas Albistur, Director of Marketing and Programming at DirecTV Argentina; Gabriel Besabe, Turner International CEO and T&O Local Manager; and Miguel Brailovsky, SVP and General Manager of A&E Latin America.

The panel, entitled “Pay-TV Programmers and Operators: How to Attract the Future Consumer”, will discuss issues such as TV Everywhere as the axis of the Pay-TV transformation process, TV business transformation into the multi-screen model, the challenge of new competition, the new regulatory framework with the inclusion or not of OTT services, and “millennials” and changes in consumption.

With more than 45 speakers (80% senior industry executives), more than 300 attendees and over 16 hours of networking, NexTV Series South America 2016 offers a unique opportunity to catch up on new trends in the Pay-TV market such as the rise of Multi-Channel Networks (MCN), the boom of Video on Demand (VOD) and the migration of all media (including radio and press) to multiplatform audiovisual format.