Netflix makes alliance with Caracol TV from Colombia to launch original and pre-produced series

Colombian television network Caracol TV announced through a press release that it has reached a commercial agreement for the incorporation of three of its fiction series to the Video On Demand (VOD) catalog of US OTT Netflix.

Netflix and Caracol TV will produce an original series based on the book Surviving Pablo Escobar, written by former drug dealer and assassin Jhon Jairo “Popoye” Velasquez. The production will feature 60 one-hour episodes and will premiere in 2017. In addition, the OTT will incorporate the series La niña (The Girl), currently airing in Colombia, and La esclava blanca (The White Slave).

“We are very proud to enter into this agreement with Netflix that, thanks to the high standards of our productions, allows us to stay ahead of the industry and confirms us as leaders in worldwide production and distribution of content in Spanish”, statedd the President of Caracol TV, Gonzalo Cordoba.