Muvi launches linear TV channel scheduler for OTT platforms

Video streaming PaaS provider Muvi announced the launch of a feature as a free add-on to its platform called Muvi Playout, which allows Muvi customers to schedule and launch their own OTT TV channels and distribute it digitally across Web, Mobile and TVs.


With the help of this feature, Muvi customers can have multiple channels running different genres and under their own brand. Moreover, the new feature repurposes and recycles the same videos, which are already available on-demand in their library, said the company in a press release.


Muvi Playout comes with an easy to use 24×7 scheduler, which works as simple as drag and drop, allowing platform admins to easily select videos they want to schedule, choose the time slot and drop it there. A live TV channel will instantly be created and displayed.


Muvi Playout also creates an automatic TV guide for viewers and comes with a time-zone selector, thus allowing content owners to create live channels according to different geographies.