Liberty Global’s revenues in Chile and Puerto Rico have increase 7% over 2015

US telecommunications company Liberty Global submitted its 2015 annual financial report which posted revenues of USD 1,217,000 for its Lilac division in Latin America. This represents a growth of 7% year-to-year (in local currency) compared to 2014 for the Pay-TV, Internet and telephony operations of VTR in Chile and Cablevision of Puerto Rico.

The company reported for the Lilac Group a “strong sustained performance” over the past year. VTR had total revenue of USD 838 million, representing an increase of 7% per year, plus an EBITDA of USD 328 million (+ 7%). Cablevision posted revenues of USD 379 million (+ 6%) and operating cash flow of USD 167 million (+ 10%).

Liberty expects to close the acquisition of British telecommunication company Cable & Wireless by the second quarter of 2016. Besides, it has forecasted EBITDA growth in 2016 for Lilac Group between 5 and 7% and from 7 to 9% onto 2018.