Inter and Netuno to increase prices in Venezuela


Pay TV operators Inter and Netuno from Venezuela have announced through several national newspapers an increase in prices of all their services, starting August 1, as they will be recalculated using Dicom rate (about Bs. 600 per dollar).


Inter’s Family Plan (cable service) will increase from Bs 627 to Bs 2,257. In its prepaid DTH platform, the Family Plan will rise from Bs 627 to Bs 2,124. The Full HD satellite pack, the most expensive of the offer, will now cost Bs 12,456.


In Netuno, prices vary according to cities. The most expensive plan will cost Bs 3,171 in the capital Caracas. Both operators have also increased prices of premium TV channels as well as telephone and Internet services.


Inter is the leading cable operator in Venezuela, followed by Netuno; the leader of the pay TV market in term of subscribers is DirecTV.


By decision of the Government of Venezuela, payments of international communications services began to be processed according to the Dicom floating rate. This has already led to an increase in prices of cellular services.