Google says advertising is 80% more effective on YouTube than on TV


US technology company Google ensures in a report that advertisement invested on its free Video On Demand (VOD) platform YouTube is more effective than the one spent on television in 80% of the cases, informed British newspaper The Guardian.


According to the General Manager of Google in the UK, Matt Brittin, the report made with associated researchers analyzed 56 campaign cases in eight countries that would indicate that advertising companies should invest their budget six times more on YouTube than what they actually do.


The report, titled “The (Entertainment) Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, sparked the immediate reaction from the industry. TV marketing company Thinkbox replied that if manufacturers should increase their spending on YouTube it would be counterproductive since it has mainly user-generated lower quality content versus large TV productions.


“What this study really shows is that online video is a better advertising investment than other forms of online advertising. Advertisers involved in Google’s research make it clear they see online video not as a replacement for TV, but as an addition and a complement”, stated the Thinkbox’s Director of Research and Planning, Matt Hill.