For the first time, Argentina’s Arsat-2 satellite transports a private DTH operator: InTV


According to what NexTV News Latam could find out, the DTH operator InTV (Red Intercable Satelital) of Argentina is available through the transmission capacity of the Arsat-2 national satellite, in orbit since late September 2015 in the geostationary position 81º West.


InTV satellite TV service was launched in 2010 by Red Intercable, an association of 240 small and medium cable TV operators of Argentina, and so far only used the Galaxy 28 satellite capacity of the Intelsat company, based in Luxembourg.


The Argentine production satellite Arsat-2 has three antennas, two deployable and one fixed, which emit video on Ku- and C-bands and allows it to provide TV, internet and data services throughout Latin America as well as in much of North America.


The President of the state company Arsat, Rodrigo Loredo, announced during the Satellite 2016 show, developed in the US capital, Washington DC, that “technical tests began for the early marketing of Arsat-2’s satellite capacity equivalent to all currently available in the North American beam. It is estimated to formalize these new trade commitments within the next few weeks.”


As well, Loredo also announced during the NPlay fair in the local city of Cordoba that the satellite would be providing accessible broadband service nationwide together with regional companies. “We support and celebrate the demands and plans made by Arsat”, expressed the President of Red Intercable, Jorge Di Blasio, in a press release.