Facebook Live video tool adds new interactive and sharing features


American social network Facebook announced via its news blog (newsroom.fb.com) that as of April 6th it has added new features to its live video tool, Facebook Live.


First, the videos can now be shared across groups and events created on Facebook. Second, video creators may apply color tone filters and will soon be able to make doodles and drawings on the picture in real time.


Third, the social network included new forms of live interaction. Those watching the video may react by emojis visible on the screen and, fourth, during later reproductions, Facebook will include on-screen comments that users had made at the time of transmission.


Fifth, it incorporated the possibility of inviting friends from a distance to watch live videos. As a sixth new feature, Facebook added a new space on its mobile platform where users can discover or browse relevant live or recorded videos.


Seventh, they launched Facebook Live Map for the desktop version so that users can search live public videos that are happening in more than 60 countries. As a bonus, the company introduced new metrics relating to this new way of information sharing.