Ernesto Martelli, Audiovisual Content Manager of La Nación: “LN+ is designed to enrich the digital audiovisual proposal of La Nación”

The Audiovisual Content Manager of La Nación, Ernesto Martelli, spoke exclusively to NexTV News Latam about LN+, the new pay TV channel of the Argentine newspaper, which will be available in November through Cablevisión and DirecTV, the two largest operators in the country. The executive talked about the content and distribution strategy for the pay TV market, and recognized that the company analyzed offer the channel on DTT.



What are the distinctive features of LN+ that make it different from other similar channels?

It will have a strong emphasis in actuality, not only in news. And in the particular way that La Nación creates content, with quality, analysis, and oriented to digital.

-What is the target audience?

We are convinced that there is an opportunity in the community for the type of content of La Nación. This can be demonstrated by the duration of our digital proposal, in which this newspaper was a pioneer in 1995, and also in the mobile sector, where we are leaders. The shows “Conversaciones” and “PM” (both created for the website) marked the path to start generating innovative, different content.

-Is the company negotiating with pay TV operators to expand the distribution of the channel?

Yes, especially in the provinces, we are talking with major operators and we hope to have news soon about the expansion of LN+ distribution.

-Is the company planning to offer the lineal channel to other pay TV operators from Latin America?

Not in a first stage.

-Are you interested in offering the channel on the DTT platform?

We analyzed that option. The reach it offers is interesting, but today we are focused on the pay TV distribution due to the type of audience and the synergy with La Nación’s audience.

-Which production TV companies are you working with?

With several companies, from GP to Glamorama, very heterogeneous companies in their profile and their technical qualities. All the same, we are preparing a new pitch for production TV companies of different sizes, from very small to more consolidated ones. We believe in those companies that bring a new original look on the TV market.

-What will the split between live and recorded programming?

In this first stage, there will be eight daily hours of original content, approximately. The intention is to focus on live journalistic shows.

-What is the strategy for multiplatform devices? Are you planning to develop mobile and SmarTV apps for LN+?

This is essential for us: the channel is designed to enrich the digital audiovisual proposal of La Nación. All contents will be available, through a simple use experience, within the site. Is an important commitment for all to access content from any device, on demand, and in high definition.