EchoStar to finally launch satellite for 45° West position to provide TV services in Brazil

American satellite company EchoStar will finally place in 2016 a satellite in the allotted 45° West position over Brazil to offer television services, said the company’s CEO, Mike Dugan, during the presentation of results for the fourth quarter of 2015.


EchoStar XXIII DBS satellite is scheduled to be launched in a Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX company late in the third quarter of 2016. It is a broadcast service satellite with flexible Ku band transmission designed to meet multiple functions.


The company achieved its orbital position through auction in August 2011 for USD 90 million and has since expected the emergence of a partner to launch their DTH Dish, as it is actually working in Mexico together with media company MVS.


EchoStar was close to reaching an agreement with the Brazilian operator GVT in 2013 to launch the Satellite TV service but negotiations failed. The idea was that the American company would use its 45° West position and that the Brazilian would be in charge of contents and marketing.


In addition, the EchoStar 105 satellite with Ku-Ka-C hybrid band has its launch planned for early in the fourth quarter of 2016. Under an agreement with satellite company SES, this device will replace the AMC 15 at the 105° West orbital position and offer services in Mexico and North America.


In a few weeks it will also launch satellite company Eutelsat’s Ka band satellite for the 65° West position, designed to provide high-performance broadband services of subsidiary Hughes (Echostar) in Brazil. “In parallel we are also negotiating the contract with a well-known Pay-TV operator for wholesale distribution of our service”, stated Dugan.