DTT transition in Dominican Republic would generate USD 500 million

The president of the Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel), José del Castillo Saviñón, said that the transition to digital TV would generate revenues of USD 500 million for the State.


During a meeting with directors of the State Corporation of Radio and Television (CERTV), Del Castillo mentioned the possibility of bringing forward the date of the analog switch off and said that digital TV will free up radio spectrum, which would generate revenues of USD 500 million, reported Hoy newspaper. Dominican Republic selected for DTT the American standard ATSC.


In December last year, the Government postponed until 2021 the ASO, previously scheduled for 2015. However, Castillo considered it “is a long time,” and he added, “I do not agree that it has been postponed until 2021”, said according to 7Días.