Discovery partnered with Batanga Media for the production and distribution of multimedia commercial videos

US broadcaster Discovery Latin America and US Hispanic (DLA / USH) announced through a press release that it had reached a commercial agreement with Batanga Media digital producer for the realization and distribution of multimedia commercial videos.

Commercial videos produced by Discovery will be complemented by the contents of Batanga Media and distributed through its digital properties, which reach more than 150 million users per month within websites Batanga, iMujer, Vix and BolsadeMulher, as well as their social networks.

“Batanga Media’s nearly 20 years of experience regarding the production and dissemination of broad resonance content across digital platforms, coupled with the skills of Discovery in creating shows that effectively connect the advertiser’s goals with the passions of the public complement naturally, so it was only a matter of time for our companies to meet and create this great alliance”, said DLA/USH Ad Sales EVP, Ivan Bargueiras.

“We believe that this agreement will provide traders in Latin America more relevant digital content and products destined for the public. The commercial alignment of Discovery and Batanga Media will allow us to create new and excellent business opportunities for the region”, said on his behalf The Head of Revenue of the digital producer, Alexandre Jordao.