DirecTV Colombia will finally incorporate a channel with signals shared between Telecafe, TRO and Tr3ce


DTH company DirecTV (AT&T) in Colombia announced through a press release that it finally will incorporate to its Pay-TV programming grid by the second half of 2016 a channel with signals shared between Telecafe, Tr3ce and Television Regional del Oriente (TRO).


The three regional channels have been demanding for years joining the Satellite TV operator’s offer, local press reported. For the time being, the frequency that the DTH company will grant is unknown. The signal will have eight hours strips for each channel to be rotated every four months.


“This is a temporary measure that facilitates to count immediately with the contents of the three channels, while continuing the technical and logistical steps that we expect within a reasonable time to enable DirecTV to offer a separate signal on the grid for each of these regional channels”, concludes the statement.