Comedy Central in Colombia recorded stand-up show’s new season with local comedians


Pay-TV channel Comedy Central Latin America (VIMN) announced in a press release that it recorded in the city of Bogota, capital of Colombia, the new season of its Comedy Central Stand-Up show with the participation of 18 local comedians.


The jokes show will premiere on April 30th and will feature humorists Antonio Sanint, Ricardo Quevedo, Alejandro Riano, Pamela Ospina, Diego Camargo, Freddy Beltran and Ivan Marin, among others.


The 12 30-minute episodes will be broadcasted on Saturdays throughout Latin America. Comedy Central has performed stand-up comedy productions since 2010 in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil.


“The scope and wide acceptance our stand-up content has achieved on our audiences are impressive and this has led as a result that we have expanded efforts in our local productions to continue delivering even more new and original contents for comedy fans”, stated the Brand Entertainment SVP of VIMN Latin America, Federico Cuervo.