Chivas TV hits 100,000 subscribers

Mexican SVOD platform Chivas TV, which belongs to Club Deportivo Guadalajara, has passed the 100,000 subscriber mark after the debut of the team in the Mexican tournament.  The figure was revealed by Chivas owner, Jorge Vergara.


“Chivas TV has exceeded 100,000 subscriptions. We are on the right track and have been well accepted by our fans”, Vergara said, according to Excelsior newspaper. A few days ago, the service had surpassed the 10,000-customer mark.


According to the Vergara, “30% of the audience has negative reviews and the remaining 70% has made very positive comments”.


“It is not my goal and I’m not interested on audience ratings. Our purpose is to stream Chivas matches without technical faults. My purpose is not to compare the service with any television network. In the future we will reach the number of subscribers we want, that is, the most as possible”, he added.


Users can subscribe to Chivas TV’s packs or buy single matches (Pay-per-view). Vergara did not specify whether the 100,000 subscribers mentioned include Pay- Per-View users who signed up to watch the first game.


The service was officially launched in early July. However, the first official match was broadcasted last Saturday July 23.