Chile’s VTR removed TVI Group channels from its lineup


Chilean pay-TV operator VTR has removed from its lineup the channels Zona Latina, Via X, Artv and ViaX 2 HD, owned by TVI group.  Instead, it offers now BBC Entertainment HD, Nat Geo Wild, Paramount Channel and Sundance Channel.


VTR reported that decided to remove the channels “due to deteriorating quality of programming and low levels of acceptance in VTR’s audience”.  The withdrawal of the channels was completed on July 13.  The decision had already been informed to customers in February and May.


Through a statement, VTR said “80% of Chilean households opt for movies, series, sports and children’s content as preferred pay TV genres, according to figures from Ibope Time and audience studies”.


According to La Nación newspaper, VTR tried to maintain Vía X HD and ARTV channels but TVi’s owner, Luis Venegas, decided to continue with a “tied sale” model.