Cantv of Venezuela removed 13 international signals from its Satellite TV service


Compania Anonima Nacional de Telefonos de Venezuela (Cantv) removed without a previous announcement up to 13 sports and entertainment international channels from the grid of its Satellite TV service, informed local newspaper El Nacional.


According to user complaints made via social network Twitter, it was unveiled that the company had replaced a fraction of the missing channels with other less relevant and with some of religious type.


Cantv released after a few days a statement in which it explained that it is in the process of revision of contracts with providers of international content as a result of the economic crisis lived in the Venezuelan state due to the big drop in oil prices worldwide.


The National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) of Venezuela called for companies and operators providing their services in that country to inform its users about possible changes that could take place and “firmly demands them to attend and resolve the claims of their subscribers, as well as to design forms of compensation established by law due to the services affected as a product of their decisions”.


Cantv’s Satellite TV service is present in 843,047 households in the country thanks to the benefits of the Simon Bolivar satellite, stated the company in November 2015. Cantv offers Cable and Satellite TV and recently launched a new option via IPTV in the greater metropolitan area of ​​Caracas, capital of Venezuela.