Cablevision’s net sales up 48.3% in Q316

Clarin Group from Argentina presented its financial statement for the third quarter of 2016 in which it reported net sales of its telecommunications company Cablevision for AR$ 7.99 billion (USD 518 millions), representing a 48.3% growth (in local currency) compared to Q315 and 11.4% when compared to the previous quarter.

During the first nine month of the year, Cablevisión net sales grew 52.1% YoY and reached AR$ 22.237 million (USD 1.441 million). Of that total, video subscriptions accounted for 61.8%.

Total consolidated pay TV subscriber base reached 3.53 million as of June 2016. Of these, 3.38 million are subscribers of Cablevisión Argentina, and the remaining are from Uruguay’s operation. In Argentina, video subscriber base grew just 0.4% YoY.

Internet subscribers reached 2.15 million (+8.4% YoY). At the end of Q316, Cablevision’s network recorded 7.82 million home passed. 74.2% of the network is bidirectional.