Cablevision from Argentina was authorized to offer telephony and could be the first to launch quadruple play


Telecommunications company Cablevision (Clarin Group), leader of the Pay-TV market in the country, was authorized by the National Communications Entity (Enacom) to add fixed and public telephony services to its portfolio.


It also agreed to the incorporation and fusion of the Fibertel brand (also of Clarin), which provides broadband services, a measure that had been blocked by the previous administration, which had even ruled, without effect, the expiration of its data transmission license.


Clarin Group acquired at the end of 2015 the mobile telephone company Nextel so it could become the first company in Argentina to offer quadruple play. The presidential decree amending the telecommunications acts prevents telephone companies to provide Pay-TV within the next two or three years.


Fintech, Cablevision’s minority shareholder, acquired last March the participation held by Telecom Italia as controller of the telecommunications company Telecom Argentina. From the competition, the possibility of a merger between the companies is feared since.