Argentina’s OTT platform Odeon offers movies from the Mar del Plata International Film Festival 2016

Free access OTT platform Odeon is offering a selection of Argentine films that are currently in competition at the Mar del Plata International Festival, which takes place from November 18 to 27 in Argentina.

Among the selected titles are the films “Los ganadores” (The Winners), “La siesta del tigre” (Sleeping Tiger), “Un hada” (A Fairy), “El Aprendiz”, “Bepo”, “Los sentidos” (The Senses) and “Vuelo nocturno” (Fly by Night). There are also available the short films “Oxido” (Rust), “Liebig”, “Soy Buenos Aires” (I Am Buenos Aires), “Carta 12 Praga” (Letter 12, Prague), “EH CHE VO DALE”, “Primos” (Cousins), “Murcielagos” (Bats), “Sobre usos y costumbres” (On Practices and customs) and “Este amanecer es un ejemplo”.

Odeon is the VOD platform of the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) of Argentina and the national telecommunications company Arsat. The service was launched in November 2015, and it offers audiovisual content of national production.