Argentina withdraws its shares in the Venezuelan TV channel Telesur


The Government of Argentina announced that it initiated the proceedings to withdraw its 16% stake in the public TV network Telesur of Venezuela, controlled by the Chavista state, as reported by the main local media.


Telesur will no longer be issued by the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTD) system of Argentina and will no longer be mandatory in the grids of the leading Pay-TV operators in that country. Cablevision (Clarin Group), leader of the local market, had already withdrawn the signal from its grid in early March.


Telesur was launched in 2005 by then-Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as a source of news for the so-called new Latin American Socialism with contents alternative to those present in the neoliberal hegemonic media, according to its own description.


The signal has the participation of the governments of several Latin American countries such as Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Uruguay, plus Venezuela and, until now, Argentina. It is available in those countries and in Chile, France, Spain, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Portugal, Panama, Costa Rica and Jamaica for Cable TV, DTH, IPTV and DTT.