Argentina updated the rules for Pay-TV operators


The National Communications Entity (Enacom) of Argentina issued the new General Regulation for Subscription Services by Physical or Radio-electric Link, which updates and amends changes caused by the presidential decree that modified the Audiovisual Communication Services Act.


Operators must obtain a Digital Argentina Unique License and the authorization to offer services in a specific coverage area. The regulation does not establish the technologies used to provide Cable TV or Satellital DTH but grants permission for companies to offer IPTV. Current licensees may continue to operate according to the regulations of their original permits unless these contradict the new norm.


On the other hand, the text regains the Must Carry-Must Offer agreement, which requires Pay-TV operators to broadcast Free-to-Air signals, those with state participation at national and regional level and those from the Catholic Church, and which imposes these channels to give up their signals for free to these operators. This had been eliminated by the decree of December 2015.