According to Dataxis, generalist content is the dominant structure within Pay-TV Movies & Fictions networks


Through the TV Tracker, a new module available on Dataxis’ database, which allows to analyze subscribers for each of the TV channels offered by the different Pay-TV operators in the main nine countries in the Latin American market (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela), Dataxis has been able to identify some of the key elements of the competition on providing contents for Movies & Fictions.


By using the data available on the TV Tracker, Dataxis has been able to estimate that Movies & Fictions networks are the main drivers for potential Pay-TV subscribers. Although Movies & Fictions networks only amount to 12% of the total network offering, it almost doubles the second biggest genre and represents 24% of the total Pay-TV potential subscribers.


According to Dataxis, Movies &Fictions networks are divided between generalist networks and niche oriented networks. Generalist networks represent 57% of the total Movies & Fictions network offer, and while niche oriented networks represent a smaller portion of both network offer and potential subscribers, they do not have to compete with other platforms such as OTTs or TV Everywhere, as these tend to be of a more generalist supply.


Dataxis has been able to identify that the biggest niche subgenre in terms of potential subscribers is Comedy, and that while reaching smaller potential audiences, Latin American focused networks represent the biggest niche network offer.